How To Be A Finance Rockstar: The Small Biz Owner’s Ticket to Multi-Platinum Profits



You Started Your Business to Make Money…Right?

Trying to build and run a profitable business without finance is like a rock band trying to perform without electric guitars. It falls flat.

You can’t reach multi-platinum profits without understanding the numbers.

How To Be A Finance Rock Star provides the resources and knowledge every entrepreneur needs to get their finances in order. All packaged in an entertaining and easy to understand format.

In this book you will:

Learn simple and effective ways to move past your fear of numbers (if Elvis could overcome stage fright, so can you!)
Discover how you can use only 4 numbers (four!) to understand what drives profit in your business and unlock the secret to Multi-Platinum Profits.
Understand how to set profit goals and avoid the profit black holes that keep many business owners from making it big!
Tame the budget beast and earn an instant 35% return. Learn how you’re burning money, how to stop it and an easy system to fix the problem for good.
Have exclusive access to online bonus features!


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